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People are often hesitant to shop for life insurance because of anxiety over the medical exam, but you don’t need a checkup to explore your options.

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Life Insurance Medical Exams: What to Expect

When you formally apply for life insurance, many potential insurers require a medical exam at no cost to you. It’s a quick, simple process that usually takes less than an hour and it can be conducted in your home, at work or at an exam center—whatever is most convenient.

The exam results, along with your application and required financial information, will be used by each life insurance company to confirm the final rate they can offer you. It’s all done through a review known as the underwriting process.

Rest assured, all information is confidential and is viewed only by the underwriters for the purpose of developing your final price. SelectQuote will never see your results.

When does my life insurance actually begin?

Each company’s process is different, but in many cases, you’re covered as soon as your first premium payment is submitted. To be absolutely sure when your life insurance kicks in, reach out to your SelectQuote agent.

How to Plan for a Life Insurance Exam

Have Relevant Documents On-Hand

Your driver’s license as well as contact information for any doctors you see regularly.

Reflect on Your Health History

You’ll be asked to share any hospitalizations, medications, procedures, surgeries and more from the last five years. Providing the most accurate and complete information will help secure your best possible rate.

Be Ready to Discuss Pre-Existing Conditions

Even if you have a pre-existing condition like diabetes, it won’t necessarily result in higher rates or coverage denial. The underwriters can use a number of formulas to arrive at a good rate.

You should expect to hear back from your exam within four to eight weeks. If your final price ends up different than your original quote, you can reach out to SelectQuote and we may be able to find alternative options that will address your health concerns at the best rate for you.

Looking for no medical exam life insurance?

While a medical exam is necessary to obtain traditional life insurance, there are a few different types that don’t require a medical exam. Simplified issue and guaranteed issue are two of the no medical exam life insurance options available to you. Whether you’re concerned about your health, have been turned down before or would just like to avoid a medical exam altogether, SelectQuote can help.

Learn more about life insurance options with no medical exam.

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