Top Six Questions to Ask When Buying Life Insurance

A woman searches on her phone about what questions she should ask while shopping for life insurance

There are many factors to consider when shopping for life insurance, including how much coverage you need and what you’ve budgeted for. Here are the top questions to consider when buying life insurance.

  1. Do I need a life insurance policy?

    Almost everyone can benefit from having a life insurance policy, as it can be a strong financial cushion for your loved ones if something were to happen to you. A life insurance policy can help cover the cost of a mortgage payment, utilities, outstanding debt, burial expenses and more. It is a great way to ensure your family doesn’t have to worry about money during such a trying time.

  2. Are the life insurance benefits I receive from my employer enough?

    Life insurance coverage through your employer can be a cost-effective way to supplement your needs, but it might not always be enough. If you are married, have kids or have anyone else relying on your income, a traditional life insurance policy with a higher coverage amount will likely suit your needs better.

  3. Who would rely on the benefits of life insurance?

    If you have dependents, children or any other loved ones that rely on your income, they would benefit directly from you having a life insurance policy in place. The passing of a loved one can be overwhelming, so ensuring finances are something they don’t have to worry about can give you all peace of mind.

  4. What type of life insurance is best for me?

    The right type of life insurance looks different from person-to-person, so it might take some research and exploration to understand which is right for you. Term life insurance is one of the most common types of insurance, as it tends to be the most flexible and the most affordable option. Some people, however, find that permanent life insurance is a better fit. Our life insurance calculator can help you determine which might be right for you.

  5. How much life insurance coverage do I need?

    Much like the type of life insurance, how much coverage you need will depend on a number of factors. Your life insurance policy should be enough to cover immediate expenses as well as provide continuous income for your beneficiaries, and most financial planners recommend coverage that’s 5-10 times your annual income.

  6. Can I save money on life insurance through discounts?

    While some carriers might offer discounts, it isn’t extremely common. One of the easiest ways to find the most affordable life insurance is to shop around and compare coverage and rates. At SelectQuote, we can do it for you in just minutes.

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